Owner Blake Tefteller i have been around horses since i was a kid. Ive been around them from horse showing to the medicine side to just a pet horse . I started working at the local veterinarian clinic when i was nine so of course im a pet lover. I have had horses through out my life. I horse showed and also have broke horses. Working around the vet clinic i decided that i wanted to become a veterinarian, when i graduated high school i decided to go to college to get a bachelor in animal science and then apply to vet school. My third year at college on my Christmas break i came home to work at the clinic. While working over break my boss told me they were selling the clinic.I went home that night and told my family and i decided i wanted to buy it and come back home to practice when i got my veterinarian liscense. So i bought the land and property. I took over  in spring of 2006. I started Brinkley Pet Services. I didnt have a vet liscense and had to pay for my building an property while i was in college. I had been around all the clients that came in the office since i was nine and decided to do pet boarding and grooming and sell pet care suplies. It became succesful and i finished with a bachelor in animal science.The business has been going strong for four years and  running my own business has been great but hasnt gave me time to apply to vet school. I had a little girl on the 18 of May this year with my loveing wife Brentnee. So I decided that i would like to start a business i could get my little girl interested in and make some more income for my family. I got a businees plan up and started Building Rocking P Stables. We named our little girl Parker so thats were the name comes from. In June of 2010 the new barn started being built. It has everything to acommidate you and your horse. Our goal is to be Arkansas premiere horse boarding facilty so we want your horse to be safe and comfotable while staying with us .

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Baby Parker
My dad doing barn construction

Me and Brentnee a night out.